First Look at our Newest Floor Vases

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Our newest floor vases have arrived! This time, we've added some new styles to the mix.

For fans of traditional style, the Traditional Brown Trumpet Shaped Floor Vase is a must have. With its antique brown finish and intricate design, it is the perfect vase to display in your living room.

orange, purple, and green floor vases   

Go for the bold and adventurous with a striking Bamboo Floor Vase, available in eye-catching orange, purple, and green. For triple the fun, display all of them in a dazzling arrangement. The vibrant color of the floor vases fade to a natural hue towards the top, to allow hints of natural beauty to shine through.  

Last but not least, for modern style aficionados, the Modern White Abstract Floor Vase is just the thing you need. With its sleek silhouette and brightness, it will serve as the focal center-point of any room. Its available in both a grand 39" tall and a diminutive 27.5", but why settle for just one when you can get the full set for a completed look?

See the full Uniquewise collection of exclusive floor vases to find the perfect match for your home.

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